What is SimSimPim?
SimSimPim is the world’s simplest collage app. It has the most essential collage functionality, as intuitive as possible and as simple as possible. To be used out-of-the-box without training or even much thinking.

Why did we make this app and why such focus on simplicity and only essential features?
Because we believe that in a rush to create great experiences on the iOS most developers have left behind one of the most interesting audiences – the audiences for which the iPad works like magic. People that do not use desktop computers, don’t like them, too young to like them, or even too old to like them are flocking to iPad. Finally tablets ARE becoming the long promised “computer for the rest of us”. We hope SimSimPim would be used and liked by people for whom iPad and iPhone are opening new and interesting ways to be creative and to share the creativity with others.

Who made this app?
We are Studio Mobile and the app has been designed and coded in NYC and Brussels. Its name comes from our kids first names, they are the inspiration behind in our first and favorite testers.

Are the pictures in SimSimPim private?
Currently SimSimPim collages are completely private and are visible only on the iPad they are created on until they are shared by their creator via email, Facebook or Twitter. When the pictures are shared, they are also posted on the SimSimPim.com website but without any personal identifications, no name, no id, nothing – we are experimenting with this approach. The idea is that this would make the app safer to use for children.

Will there be an iPhone version of the app?
Yes, it’s the early development stage.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Please write to ssp@artbymobile.com

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